July 21,2018

How to make brake bedding. Right bedding, wrong bedding by Dixcel

When exchanged Dixcel brake pads and rotors, it is called "Brake bedding" and if you intentionally raise the temperature so that white smoke blows from the brake, it will cause distortion of the rotor, the pads also carbonize the surface To get away.


For street Dixcel brakes, if you drive yourself in a urban area with high braking frequency (general road) untill 300 to 1000 km, avoid sudden braking or sudden steering and make a brake pad attrition. Then the original braking force can be exerted and unpleasant vibration can be suppressed. By the way, since the surface of the roller of the Dixcell is coated with a rustproof coating, it is silver when it is brand new, but it is peeling off from the pad as it is touching lightly and just touching the break.


"It seems to be said that the bedding is necessary after changing the brake pad or rotor, but this is the story of the pad for the race. It is NG for the street. With a brand new brake, such a sudden change in temperature causes distortion of the rotor, causing problems such as vibration during braking.


When sudden braking is applied, distortion tends to occur because heat rapidly enters the rotor. Also, due to sudden braking, the abrasive material of the brake pad may adhere to a part of the rotor, and the portion becomes convex, which causes vibration during braking.



Also, even if it is tried to increase the temperature while applying a brake with the left foot, not all heat enters evenly and cooling (cooling) can not be performed sufficiently, so heat spot and rotor distortion are likely to occur.


Main brake system parts are pad only, rotor only, pad and rotor are replaced at the same time, there are three patterns according to each mounting condition. However, when replacing the rotor, it seems better to change pads if possible at same time.
Becouse the surface of the new rotor is flat. However, the abrasive material of the used pad has been deformed to be the abrasion situation of the rotor.


Depending on usage conditions, the surface of the rotor may have grooves like a record board, and the abrasive material of the pad also wears according to its unevenness. Even if a new rotor is combined with such a used pad, the friction material of the pad and the rotor can not make contact with each other exactly and the original braking force can not be exhibited. Also, since the rotor scratches the pad with a protrusion rather than a flat surface, it can also cause a squeaking.


In fact, the braking force is increased on the surface of the brake rotor so that a film of friction material of the brake pad is formed each time it runs. It is an image that attracts the friction material of the brake pad and the film formed on the rotor. From that, until the film of the rotor is formed, the original braking force does not come out. However, be careful when only pads are exchanged. If you choose a pad of a different kind from the conventional one, the original braking force can not be demonstrated until the film of the existing rotor is peeled off and a new film is formed. Especially the film is harder to peel off as the street type with low aggressiveness of the rotor, and 1,000 km is required for test drive.



Dissatisfied that "the effect got worse after replaced the brake pads" was often not the case with such film formation. I feel honestly long time when it is said to 1000 km to make the brake pad. However, it is important for tens of thousands of kilometers up to the next brake parts exchange to be comfortable without generating vibration during braking.


In fact, in vehicles combining the low dust Dixcel brake pad "M type" with the Dixcel street rotor "PD type", it was felt that the controllability improved from the genuine brake pad at the beginning, but the braking power had no confidence. To be honest, it was necessary to push hard the pedal effort consciously when stopping from deceleration.


However, the braking force obviously changed from the point where I ran about 1000 km on the main road. It became possible to stop without consciously raising the pedaling force. I felt the importance of attaching atari to carefully grow up.



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