RWORKS, as a professional racing workshop, offers mechanical services, racing schools and even full-fledged racing support for customers. At the RWORKS racing school, after learning the course and driving method safely with a full-scale simulator, students will drive the circuit using the rented racing car, under the support by the professional staff. After driving, RWORKS analyzes data from the data loggers and videos and provide professional advice, so that customers can improve their racing driving skills in a short period of time. Our experienced racing mechanics will provide the best mechanical services for your victory, for those who seek support for participating car racing.


If you are anxious about driving the car on the circuit, RWORKS provides various support. If you don't know the driving line, or what you should prepare just before driving, we are here for you. In order to drive your car on the circuit safely, we inspect the brakes and the oil level, adjust the tire pressure, and retighten the wheel nuts. While driving, we measure lap time, adjust tire air pressure and suspension damping. After driving, we conduct various safety checks again, so that you can drive home safely. We also have some rental items, such as 4 point seat belts, helmets, racing shoes and gloves. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to rent these items.


Step 1

Inspection before driving We install the 4 point seat belt, check the brakes and the oil level, adjust the tire pressure, and retighten the wheel nuts. We also install data logger, GoPro, etc.


Step 2

Air pressure, damping force adjustment We will adjust air pressure and damping force again on the racing circuit, if necessary.


Step 3

Inspection after driving After driving, we will check the brakes and the oil level, adjust the tire pressure, and retighten the wheel nuts again, so that you can drive backhome safely. If requested, we can replace brake pads , engine oil, and adjust alignment.



· Circuit Support RM1000〜/Day

· Racing simulator RM50 (up to 1 hour)

· Safety equipment rental RM50/ Item

· Data logger rental RM 100

· In-vehicle video camera rental RM 100

· Driving tickets are not included.



RWORKS' Racing School operates at the Sepang international Circuit. Using a full-fledged racing car (CIVIC Type R-FD2, FIT-GK5, SWIFT-ZC31), we will provide a course lecture by a professional staff who rides on the same car, and by pulling your car by another racing car. After driving, the professional staff will provide you feedback and advice and sets your target time. In the next session, you will drive alone on the circuit. After your sole driving, we will analyze videos and data logger and advise you how you can improve your driving skills. So you can improve your driving skills in a safe and reliable way in a short period of time. Advanced drivers can also rent Huracan Super trofeo EVO(LP 620ST-EVO).


Step 1

Briefing A professional staff will provide notes on circuit riding, basic manners, lesson outlines, and the schedule. Also, the staff will ask the participants' driving experiences and best lap time etc, and sets your goals when you complete the lesson.


Step 2

Pulling driving lesson, in-vehicle driving lesson First of all, a instruction car pulls your car and conducts a formation lap. After that, an instructor will ride on your car, and provide tips on the course while driving.


Step 3

Driving alone, data analysis Once you are familiar with the course, you will drive your car alone on the course. The instructor advises you driving skills to achieve pre-set target lap time, while watching in-vehicle videos and data from data loggers for each driving session.



· Racing School RM 8000〜10,000/1day (ZC31, GK5, FD2R) not included fuel and new tire.

· Coaching fee free(by pro-driver)

· Racing simulator Free (up to 1 hour)

· Safety equipment rental Free

· Data logger rental Free

· Video camera rental Free

· Driving tickets are not included.

· Huracan Super trofeo EVO (LP 620ST-EVO) rental Please ask for the fees.

· If you want to only get a coaching, it would be charged RM2,000〜/day.(It’s depends your driving skills and car type.)

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RWORKS provides racing support by professional racing mechanics, so that you can enjoy the race with confidence. The mechanics of RWORKS has a mechanic experience in the high category such as Lumborgihini Super trofeo, GT Asia, Blancpain GT series Asia, FIA F4, Porsche Carrera Cup, LMP 2, LMP 3, Super GT etc. Our mechanics can support wide range of racing cars, such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, as well as prototype cars including LMP 2, LMP 3, and middle Formula such as F4 and F3. Excellent mechanics are indispensable to win the race. We support racing scenes in Malaysia and other Asian countries.


Step 1 Enquiry

Please let us know the country and schedule of the race, the number of mechanics required, and what type of support you require. Please feel free to contact us. (Mechanics can be dispatched to Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Macau, Korea, Japan, etc.)


Step 2 Submitting quotation

We will present the quotation within 2 business days. In case of overseas races, we will ask you to arrange and bear the costs for air tickets, accommodation, meals and expenses of our mechanics.


Step 3 Payment

Please pay 50% of the quotation to our designated bank account at least one week before the race week. After the completion of the race, we will charge the remaining 50%.

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