July 22,2018

RWROKS got two podium in the Lamborgihini Supertrofeo Asia at Fuji Round.

Fuji, Japan. (July 21-22, 2018) – RWORKS had a Round 4 of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia at Japan’s Fuji International Speedway on the 4.526km GT course configuration.



When the lights went green on the rolling start, Ken had a good start away well from the front low in the classs and kept his nose in front going into the first turn. He had a long stint, when the pit lane opened he still driving. and he passed car to Daisuke before pit lane close. Daisuke also good stint himself and finaly we got 2nd.But while Ken Urata and Daisuke Matsunaga were later given a 35 second penalty for a pit stop infringement. But finaly, RWORKS (FPC Racing’s)  thundered away on a storming run to the flag, and crossing the line more than a few seconds and ahead of 3rd car. 



Started driver by Daisuke today, he lost his position when it has started. he recovered 3rd position then passed car to Ken. But we lost our position when came in to the pit, our position 4th. But Ken had a good stint and then he got 3rd again, and finished.