June 01,2018

RWORKS supported driver took a 3rd place!!

#82 M4GT4 of BMW Team Studie’s Ken Urata (RWORKS pro driver) and Max Chen celebrated Blancpain GT Series Asia GT4 class.They took 3rd place in race2 at Buriram in Thailand. 


On May 13 (Sunday), the race 2 finals. More than the previous day, the circuit was packed with many local fans. Following the race 1 of the previous day, the machine which was second in Q2 was the penalty and the last start so the studio BMW M4 GT4 No. 81 / No. 82 with Dixcel brake became a class 2, 3 standing in line with the top . Mr. Kinoshita No. 81 is the starter driver and No. 82 is Mr. Max. The weather is fine. It was expected to be a more severe heat race than race 1.


At 13 o'clock the race 2 finish started on time. No.81 Kinoshita battily attacks from the first lap and attacks the machine going ahead, passing through the control loop line of the first lap on the class top. However, in the second consecutive war from the start, No. 81 / No. 82 will lower the position one by one in the second lap.


In addition, No. 81 dropped the position one by one and ranked third and fourth place in the class and it was running. It was 9th lap as if I thought that this pit of Ting would be welcomed. Continuing from the previous day, uncrowdlessly attack No. 81.



It was the voice of Kinoshita who conveyed the power down of apparent Massin, who jumped into Radio. Engineers decided that the continuation of the race is impossible as it is. Immediately instruct pit in. The machine which returned to the pit earlier than planned is put in the garage and receives check of the mechanic, first aid measures on the spot do not come true. No. 81's Thai round ended here.

While the No. 81 leave the battle, No. 82 Maxr keeps the 3rd position in place of No. 81 and routine pits. Second stint, and the sterling towards the goal were entrusted to Mr.Urata. 


Even when all the cars have finished the pit stops, they will remain the same as the 3rd position in the class. After that I kept rap with stable papers with unimpeachable running, and a long-awaited checker on lap 33. I won the first podium as No.82 with Dixcel brake.


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