July 20,2018

The double on podium again in Fuji

No. 82's car Ken Urata who is supported by RWORKS. At the same time as the course was opened, Ken attacked from the first lap of measurement. When measuring the provisional TOP time, he updated the best on the next lap with a good time of 1'47"854. But he did not reach No. 81 car. #82 finished Q1 at the 2nd position as front row, it was good position.


MAX began attacking from the third lap of measurement. When the third time was recorded at 1'48"899, the best was updated at 1'48"48. After the qualifying finished at the 3rd fastest time, The 2nd car machine disqualified in re-inspection. Then the #82 position moved forward as Q2. The team study M4 GT4 won the 2nd position as well as the Q1.


#81 car kept P1 at the start of pole position without getting caught up in the confusion at the start. Urata also kept 2nd. For the 10th lap, the pace of the race lap was good both for Sunako and ken. 
But unfortunately, the drive-through penalty for the start violation is given to the #82 car. Ken carried out a penalty on lap 11 on the following day. The No. 82 car dropped the position to 5th place.
Max who took over the machine from ken. He keeps the position on the drive of Max who ran through the second half at a consistent pace, and finished fifth place finish.



From 2nd grid, Max's #82 car started. There was no confusion like yesterday, and cars 81 and 82 clear T1 with 1-2 organization. But in the second lap at the last corner, #72 AMG hit the rear of #82. Max broke his posture and spun out, dropping to 7th place. The #82 which dropped the position was PIT IN with the P6. When returning to the course at the 5th position of Ken 's drive, it became the deployment of the attack which stuffed the gap with the preceding car every time the lap was repeated. Ken of #82 car will continue the race with a page that lasts two to three seconds on the front car. When you catch the 3rd in four laps remaining, he got checker flag in the end. Finally #81 and #82 were 1-3 Finish again.