May 22,2022

We back for MCS 2022 season!! Round1 Highlight

Finally, we could participate in 3 cars in the 2022 season. Which are #55 and #13 for SP1 class, and #111 for SP2 class. But this round was quite tough for us. 

#55 Ken Urata / Msahiko Ida SP1 class
QF  6th
Race1  6th
Race2  4th

#13 Makoto Fujiwara SP1 class
QF 4th
Race1  7th
Race2  5th

#111 Shinsuke Umeda SP2 class
QF 11th
Race1  11th
Race2  8th

We will do the different settings and will do the testing untill the next race. Then it will be more confident to compete with them. Push to the limit!!