June 21,2018

About Mine's

In May 1985, Mine's was established as an exclusive motor sport tuning shop.
In February 1991, Mine's Wave Co., Ltd. was established.
Later in January 2004, it was incorporated as Mine's Co., Ltd.




Mine's specialize in the development, manufacture, installation and sales of high performance automotive parts and engines especially for R35 GT-R.
Among Mine's products is the VX-ROM for R35 GT-R, which is considered a pioneer in the field of engine management.




Mine's tuning philosophy is to focus on maximizing the balance of power, handling and braking whilst using Mine's extensive experience and data to maintain reliability.
This lends itself to the spirit of car manufacturers in Europe.




Whilst some tuners pursue big power figures at the cost of drivability and reliability, we focus on the total driving experience and the harmonization between driver and machine in terms of acceleration, braking and cornering. Mine's believe it's the total balance of the car which brings the most enjoyment to the enthusiast.

Mine's create beautiful cars with the belief that "Simple is Best".