front bumper



MINE'S CARBON FRONT BUMPER was designed to incorporate the MINE'S form with top of the line product and top quality workmanship. While maintaining the image of the GTR R35, MINE'S took the possibilities to the extremes by increasing surface openings and adding a blade to guide the wind intake to maximize ventilation efficiency. By doing this we have been able to reduce the heating of engine fluids that occur on the circuit.
The main characteristics for this bumper will be the use of dry carbon and increased surface openings for the front grill and in front of the intercooler. The entire surface area surrounding the intercooler (top, bottom, right, left side) has been increased. The airflow to the upper portion of the radiator has been routed more efficiently with the installation of the guiding blade. (Attention: We recommend removing the OEM reinforcement bar or to install a modified one due to it blocking airflow guided from the blade to the radiator.)
You will find MINE'S obsession with design throughout the face of the bumper especially around the headlights and specifically designed detachable canards.