bonnet type II



To make the GT-R run faster... When striving for more power and greater response, lightening of the vehicle is absolutely essential. Besides lightening the vehicle, anti-heating measures are key to running the vehicle at its maximum potential on the circuit. The design of the Carbon Bonnet Type II is based on maintaining the design as well as the GT-R's functionality. The biggest change to the characteristics of the bonnet would be the ventilation ducts added to the engine room. To take advantage of the limited air space available, air is allowed to flow through the inner ribs of the bonnet to counter the heating of the engine. Also, to prevent rain water from directly entering the engine room, drains have been added to the front of the bonnet to counter water based problems.
Mine's strives to maintain the GT-R's original design and will almost fool you in thinking that it's a factory part.
Without drastically changing the design Mine's provides an original sporty design, that is obviously different from others.
Dry carbon material is used and the bonnet weighs just 5.2 kg. This brings a huge 6.9 kg weight difference. As we did with the Type I, honeycomb construction is used as to maintain durability and keep it lightweight. The Carbon Bonnet Type II is compatible with the factory striker and just needs to be bolted on.
It is available with a Super Clear Coat Finish as well as without for those who intend to paint the bumper to their own liking.